Basic Probabilities

Basic Probabilities

We will now see the different probabilities of winning that a hand has against others.

There are only four probabilities that should really matter to us:

  1. 80% vs 20%
  2. 70% vs 30%
  3.  60% vs 40%
  4. 50% vs 50%


80% VS 20%

10♥ 10♠ vs 8♠ 8♦

We have an 80/20 probability of winning a hand when we have a higher pair.

70% VS 30%

K♥ Q♠ vs K♠ 10♦

We find ourselves with a 70/30 probability of winning when holding a higher kicker. IN this case, both players have a King but the Queen is a better kicker than the 10.

60% VS 40%:

K♥ Q♠ vs 8♠ 10♦

We would have a 60/40 probability of winning every time that our two cards are of higher value than those of our opponent. Here the King is higher than the 8 and 10.

50% VS 50%:

K♥ Q♠ vs 10♠ 10♦

We would have a 50/50 probability of winning each time that our two cards are higher than the cards in the pair of our opponent. In this case the King and Queen are higher than the 10.