The betting process


Blinds are mandatory bets to be made at the beginning of each hand.  There are two types of blinds, namely the Small Blind and the Big Blind.

Poker Betting rules


  • Small Blind – mandatory bet made by first player on the left of the dealer.
  • Big Blind – by the second player, right after the player playing the “small Blind” and is equivalent to twice the amount of the value of the small blind.

The amount of the blind is pre set by the table (Table Limits).

The objective of the blinds is to ensure a minimum amount of money in the pot. If there were no blinds players may chose to only play when having a good hand, making the game monotonous and a waste of time.


Once the blinds have been placed and the dealer has handed all players their corresponding 2 cards the hand follows as follows:

The first player to play is that before the big blind, and his options are:

  1. To fold: give up his cards and not continue in the hand
  2. To check: makes no bet but continues in the hand
  3. To call: pay the amount of the bet made by another opponent to stay in the hand
  4. To bet: which will force some players to fold if they do not have a hand and other to pay (which would increase the size of the pot) if they want to continue in the respective hand.
  5. To raise: to re-bet an additional amount over other players bet. The amount normally used but a raise is twice the amount of the other player’s bet.

After the first player has decided which of the above mentioned options he would take, the turn will go to the next player clockwise, who will also have the opportunity to take any of the actions above.