How to play the Flop


We are now in the second betting round which is called the Flop. It means that so far all players have either paid the big blind or paid any raise made by any player during the previous betting round, called the Pre-Flop.

At this stage, the dealer will place the first three community cards face up on the middle of the table so that every player can see them. As we explained on a previous article, these first 3 cards can be used in combination with any of the two private cards.

playing flop


After these cards have been displayed, another round of betting begins. It is started by the player occupying the place of the Small Blind. If this player folded during the Pre-Flop, then the next active player to the left will begin the betting.


There are no blinds after the pre-flop. This means that the first player will have two options: checking or placing a bet. If he does decide to make a bet, the options for all other players will be to either call and pay for the amount of the bet, to raise the amount of this bet to continue in the hand or to fold and return the cards to the dealer.