How to play Pre-Flop

The pre-flop is a round of bets that takes place even before any player is able to see the first community card or “Flop”.


This round is started by the player located on the left of the big blind.


On the Pre-Flop, the players have the option of FOLDING, in which case they will return their cards to the dealer and will not have to pay the amount set as the big blind.

If folding was not the option made, then the you can CALL, which means to pay the big blind, in which case you will continue playing the hand and hopefully -if no other player raises the big blind- you will get to see the Flop and, after that, decide whether to continue or not participating on the following rounds of bets.

There is another option available, which we call RAISING. It means to bet an amount higher than the big blind. When a player raises the Big Blind, the following player needs to place a standard bet, usually consisting of double the value of the Big Blind. After that, the rest of the players in the hand will decide if they are willing to pay this raise or if they would fold. If all players decide to fold and not pay the raise you will automatically win the money in the pot ending the hand without displaying the flop cards.

poker rules during the pre-flop


Once the first player has decided which of the actions above he will take, the turn goes to the next player, which is the one on his immediate left.

Also the other scenario that we may encounter is when no player has made any bet before the Big Blind. Therefore, the player in the position of the Big Blind could just check if he doesn’t have a good hand. The option of folding at this point is not advisable since we have already paid the big blind -because it’s a mandatory bet- and have nothing to lose in seeing the Flop.

Having said this, it is obvious that during the Pre–Flop betting round, all players must at least pay the Big Blind to get to see the Flop. The option of checking is not available.