What hands should you play pre-flop?

During the Pre-Flop stage is when most mistakes are made by new poker players, simply because they overvalue their cards and hence place big bets that will bring great losses -and even their elimination from games or tournaments.


pre-flop cards

We will now list the options with which you will be presented. Not forgetting that some hands could be played according to the position that we hold on the table (but we will go into this later on). After receiving our 2 first cards from the dealer we will define in which category they would fall:

  1. Premium cards (category 1)
  2. Good cards (category 2)
  3. Cards with potential (category 3)
  4. Small pocket pairs (category 4)
  5. Speculative cards (category 5)
  6. Junk or worthless cards (category 6)

The following cards are those considered “Premium”:


The following cards are “Good Cards”:

good poker cardsThe following cards are “Cards with potential”:

cards with potentialAlso in this category are consecutive cards that may give us the possibility of straight, cards of same suit that may become a flush and all cards over 7 that may give us high pairs.

To begin with, we will be calling “small pocket pairs” all pairs between 2 and 9. When we become more familiar with the game we can then start considering the pairs of 8, 9 and 10 as intermediate pairs.

small pocket pairsThe following cards are considered as “speculative”, meaning that they may appear to be good at the beginning but depending on our position on the table they may not be worth the risk.speculative poker handsTo finish these categories we have “junk” cards, which are all other card combination that do not apply to any of the other categories listed above.